ALL of our products are fully returnable for credit.

Over 3000 different Magazine titles!
All National and Regional magazines including People, Us, Womans World, Enquirer, Sports Illustrated, Cosmopolitan, Men's Health and many others. Categories include Women’s Titles, Sports, Automotive, Craft, Food & Cooking, Regional and hard to find specialty titles and many others.

Thousands of Paperbacks
Including all monthly “Best Sellers”. Categories include Fiction,
Novels, Romance, Reference, Westerns and many others.

Children's Books
We have all of the kids favorites Coloring and Activity Books. As many or as few as you want.

Bargain Books
Deeply discounted books for the whole family. Promoted three to four times per year, in and out. Always a new selection of quality books with high consumer value.

Promotional Products and Shipper Units
Promotions are carefully planned and of high value to your shoppers. May include non-traditional items like Baseball Cards or seasonal novelties, or Best selling books, New and Hot titles, Puzzle Books, Hunting or Fishing titles, Cooking, Health & Fitness.

-Guaranteed Sale / Fully Returnable
-Earn High Profit Margins, over 30%
-Highly impulsive and in demand
-Recognized Brands
-Magazines drive the sales of other store products through advertising
-Magazines are new and current and reflect ever-changing tastes and lifestyles
-Magazines are a Power Category at Retail generating in excess of $4.9 Billion annually
-Magazines are a strong category, ranking #30 out of 400 tracked
-Magazines Deliver over 16% of the GM profit with only 6.4% of the Sales
-Strong appeal. 8 out of 10 households purchase magazines regularly