As a full-service distributor with over 75 years of industry experience, Southern Wisconsin News meets all the needs of our client retailers and focuses on ongoing Newsstand Opportunities.

Our Service team members will consistently deliver a sensible selection of bestselling periodicals that will provide all the titles you need in reasonable quantities. We serve the retailers needs above that of anyone else. Our customers know that they’re getting the very best in customized in-store service and title selection, exactly as they want it. It’s our guarantee, “If you can find better service elsewhere, take it”.

Pre-weekend deliver all weekly titles such as People, Us, Sports Illustrated, the National Enquirer, and Star. (In most areas)
• Twice a week delivery (In most areas)
• We perform regular distribution reviews
• We service all retailers, large and small
• Full support of EDI (electronic data interchange)
• We provide our clients with custom-built wooden fixtures to effectively display their books and magazines
• Demographics of each retail outlet are met with the desired products through careful analysis of category performance and title sale history.

-Total Category Management
-Rack service in most areas
-Cutting edge periodical distribution software
-Full time merchandising professionals focus on efficient and quick, in-and-out service
-Fast reaction to customer needs, title sellouts, and special requests
-Local market evaluations to determine optimal title distributions
-UPC updates and price change information is sent weekly and can be sent electronically, cutting data entry time.
-Complete RDA reporting
-In-Store training of staff
-Weekly Reorders of Top Selling Paperbacks
-Top 20 Paperback Best seller list
All of these services assure that our clients will have the competitive advantage they need in today’s retail environment.

Southern Wisconsin News’ team members participate in various industry initiatives that seek to improve the efficiency and efficacy of the periodicals industry as a whole, the retail environment we operate within and our local community. Examples include: Efficient Recycling of unsold copies. electronic Data reporting, Publisher Price tests, Industry Study groups, New data systems evaluations, Mentoring programs, GPS Vehicle Routing System, Contributions to community groups and Hiring the handicapped.

Our customers don’t want to be bombarded with promotions that gather dust. We carefully choose our promotional offerings so that they are items that actually sell and don’t need to be returned to us for credit.